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  • "What superb artwork! It is hard to believe that this is a school project. It is wonderful to see creative pieces inspired by the Natural History Museum that the whole school has participated in."
    Grace Kimble, Natural History Museum (re: Our Lady of Victories RC Primary School, Chelsea)
    the creative input of your whole community: the design of our pieces is a direct result of fun, friendly and inclusive workshops with the residents, users or schoolchildren who will benefit from the project.
    your art project to the context and heritage of your community: through historical and contemporary research, we work with themes which are relevant to place, people and background.
    a lasting legacy to future community members: Artyface works are always designed and built to last both through time and the elements, while keeping to budgets closely discussed and planned with you.
    At work on flower design Drawings for a Walthamstow mosaic Peacock mosaic, Harrow
    a typical Artyface project...
    "What does thinking look like? - Our school philosophy" at Alexandra Junior School, Sydenham, London. Ceramic and mosaic mural and 11 mosaic bollards. More pictures here.
    Everything featured on the mural and mosaics was created by pupils. They brainstormed, discussed, explored and drew ideas in preliminary workshops, leading to the overall plan for the art for the new school extension. All pupils in the school then drew from source materials to get more detailed drawings for the design. Every child worked with the Artyface artists on the wet clay or colouring the bisque fired tiles, and the mosaics were also their handiwork. They are very happy with the results!