John F Kennedy Special School, Newham
"Journeys" - Varnished Mural
The brief was to create art works for the front of the school that the pupils would be involved in making and would have some meaning to them. With profound learning and behavioural difficulties, the pupils enjoyed their trips with staff to learn life skills, such as using the transport systems, shopping, physical exercise and visits to row, use bikes and other means of transport. With the use of picture communication cards, pupils drew familiar themes such as trees, parks, gardens, the transport systems that they use, things they like such as helicopters etc. Some pupils really enjoyed the priming and painting of the boards and they then helped to place their drawings onto the panels as printed transfers, as well as drawing onto the boards directly. Varnished and mounted, the students artwork welcomes visitors and they can enjoy it daily as they arrive and leave, narrating journeys that they make daily or for special events.