Alfred Salter Primary School, Southwark
Alfred Salter Primary School asked us back to help them make a whole-school project celebrating their school and area and local history. The occasion was their 20th birthday. The school logo is of a special healing tree and Alfred Salter himself was a pioneer of the NHS. The tree with the school's ethos and drawings of the area by the children were made into a wonderful design. The smallest children made clay tiles and then the entire school helped make the mosaic over a fortnight of intensive workshops.

The Mayor unveiled it and there were wonderful celebrations with past and present pupils and staff. It is a beautiful legacy project for the school, and everyone is very proud of their work.
"It's stunning, we enjoy showing it to everyone, from the school community to international visitors. Everyone loves it."
Karen Walton
Deputy Head and project co-ordinator
"It shows how everyone comes together and it livens up our school hall."
Year 6
"It's really pretty and shines bright, it represents our community."
Saskia and Helen
Year 6
"It is better than I could ever have imagined it."
Stuart Hayte