Friars Primary School, Waterloo
In the autumn term of 2007, Justin Burtt, newly appointed head of Friars, met with Artyface, to discuss the possibility of designing and making a mural for the front of the building which would reflect the diverse international community of the school.

By the end of the term they had secured lottery funding to pay for over two thirds of the cost. In the 2008 spring term, Maud and her team then began working with all the children in designing the content of the mural. They used international flora, fauna and pattern as their starting point. The finished design was to be transformed into ceramic and mosaic tiling.

In the 2008 summer term the staff and children got involved in putting the design together taking lots of enjoyable time to lay mosaic tiles and create patterns on ceramics.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Maud Milton in two separate educational settings (Alexandra Junior School in the London Borough of Bromley in 2006 and Friars Primary Foundation School in the London Borough of Southwark in 2008).

On both occasions she was commissioned to design and make, with the involvement of the whole school community, lasting ceramic and mosaic murals that would be placed in prominent positions in the school. On both occasions the brief was complicated and subtle and I can say without reservation that she met the briefs with passion, accuracy and creativity. Her work is of an exceptional quality and I am very proud to have it displayed so prominently both in my current school and Alexandra Juniors.

Maud has an infectious enthusiasm for her work and certainly at Friars, the entire school was motivated and excited about the project. She works with skill and ease with both children and adults and although she holds a creative authority over her projects she is also very keen to incorporate the ideas of others. She is always punctual, reliable and professional in her dealings with schools and her skills are wide ranging in that she assisted us in sourcing funding for the projects and in how to market them to local press after their unveilings.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Maud and she will undoubtedly add a great deal of value to any organisation she is involved with."

Justin Burtt
Headteacher, Friars Primary School, Waterloo, London 2009
before design making