The Globe Primary School, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets
"The response is fantastic, and so are the mosaics, I'm so glad to be part of the project along with everyone at Globe, including children, staff and parents we all enjoyed the project so much and I can't wait to hear their comments when we are back in September.

I've had people come up to me to in the street as they know I work at Globe and they have commented on how great they look. Joanne the florist on the market square said she was delivering flowers near the school and she got out of her van to look at them and there was a group of 3 or 4 people just standing looking too saying how great they looked. Well done and a big thank you to all your team."

Family Support Worker, Globe Primary
The theme was animals from around the globe as it was for Globe Primary School, and everything in the design was drawn by children in Artyface workshops. Hundreds of patterned handmade ceramic tiles were made with the very youngest children to include in the mosaic.

With a team of 2 of the regular Artyface crew, Maud and up to 8 volunters put the mosaics up then grouted and polished them. The gorgeous mosaics attracted volunteers to help work from the neighbourhood as young as 6 and up to 50. One elderly gentleman must have been in his late 80's stopped to praise the work, he had attended the school and even slept and lived in it during the war when his family lost not one but 2 homes in the Blitz.
We would like to thank Ardex, Fired Earth and Reed Harris tiles for donations of materials as well as the fabulous volunteers who have helped to make this project even better and bigger than it would have otherwise have been. Also special thanks to the school for generously putting the mosaic outside on the street, and to all who laid a tile from every child, teacher, parent, caretaker, cooks and all: you know who you are!
"We have really enjoyed it and the mosaic project has enriched the school community, as well as brightening up a dull January. The children are really excited and enthusiastic, even coming in their lunch-breaks whenever they can. We have had many parents working alongside the artists too and the whole school has taken part. I thoroughly recommend Maud and the team."
Marie Maxwell
"I really like the way we had to all work together and it was fun trying to put the pieces together."
Daisy Carpel
"It was exciting to use glass."
Irfan Miah
"I thoroughly enjoyed creating the animals for our mural. It took a long time but it was fun and exciting."
Abdul Kayum
"Making the mural was fun, it really made me think creatively and you were all very patient with us. Thank you."
Abdullah Al Masoom
"I looked at the mosaic everyday before school: it is just fantastic. Thank you to all your team and yourself for all your hard work - we can't wait for the unveiling."
Nicola Lennon
Art Co-ordinator
"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, working with the children that I mentor especially. It enabled me to see the qualities in children that I would otherwise have missed."
Learning Mentor
"Thank you again for such a wonderful experience for all our parents as well as staff and children."
Gillian Ruskin
Parent Co-ordinator
"Thanks for the lovely photos of your wonderful mosaics. I saw the team putting them up last week and really loved them - especially the giraffe. I am often cutting down Sugar Loaf Walk and will see them often. Thank you for helping brighten up a rather dull school building. I am sure people will enjoy them for many years to come, and yes what a great sign of the positive nature of most people's lives in London."
Susan Langford
Director, Magic Me
Mosaics Part 2!