St Paul's Church of England Primary School, Gloucestershire
Freize of Gloucester
Classes 4 and 5 worked with the artists, drawing plans of what they wanted in the frieze of Gloucester. Every class went on a local site visit with their teacher to draw buildings and places.

The mural travels from the fields and local countryside, through to the houses that the children live in, their school, school church, playground, local park, the city and its important buildings, to Gloucester docks and then out to sea. It transformed a dull playground and the pupils are very proud of it.

'The children love it and so do the parents. We wanted to put something up over a large blank space on the playground wall to brighten it up. We considered having a painted mural but we decided to go for something the children can touch.' Graham Bullivant, Head Teacher, St. Paul's Primary School
Finished frieze - 25' x 5'

'The mural is surrounded by 150 leaf prints done by the children so almost every child can see their work on it. It really benefits the school and we hope it will stay there for the enjoyment of future generations.' Graham Bullivant, Headteacher St. Paul's Primary School
child's overall design of the Gloucester frieze
playground wall before the frieze child's sketch of mosque making collage and testing for size
transferring pupils' drawings to clay leaf tile - each pupil and adult made one for the border layout of mural before glazing and firing