Hargrave Park Primary School, Islington, London
Half-Term Hexagon Project
We had an extremely successful Half-term Bronze Project at Hargrave Park Primary School in Islington. 30 pupils from the area (from different schools) who attended the half-term playscheme had fun drawing each other in active poses. They designed panels describe the different activities that take place at the school, then drew and painted these onto primed wooden hexagons that will be mounted in the schools entrance hall for all to see every day.

It is a very active school with lots of after-school clubs and attracts children from across the community, the images ranged from Dance, Swimming, Karate, Capoeira, French, Art, the other usual subjects as well as other Healthy-Living activities. Ranging from Year 1 to Year 6 the students worked hard and learned new design and painting skills. They worked brilliantly together as a team, with older and more able children helping younger children and those with Special Needs.
The hexagons being installed...