Finsbury Four Schools Jigsaw Project 2004
Sponsored by CEA@Islington and EC1 New Deal for Communities
Four primary schools participated: St Lukes, Hugh Myddleton, Prior Weston and Morelands.

We decided on the theme of movement for the 2004 Jigsaw Project because the Olympic Games were happening that year. The pupils drew people posing in 'frozen' action poses , then they transferred their drawings to large precut jigsaw pieces. Finally they painted their image in bright acrylic paints. The project gave pupils experience of: drawing from observation; experimental drawing techniques; design skills; research skills; colour theory; paintbrush techniques; colour mixing; team work. During the project, which ran for 2 days, they worked on these web pages. The jigsaw can be made up in different ways to present an ever changing mural.

Pupils show off their jigsaw panels
The pupils who took part
Roll your mouse over a picture to find out more about each pupils' drawing, to see larger images of their art and to read, in their own words, what they think and feel about their work on this project. Scroll down a little if you can't see all the info that pops up! (NB if you are using Safari 2.0 you may find that the popups don't work properly... if so, please click here to view an alternative page. Other browsers or more recent versions of Safari should have no problem.)

Abi I learnt how to mix colours to make other colours. I liked drawing our pictures on the jigsaw and I really liked mixing colours. When I did something wrong I got really angry but then I worked hard to sort it out. When I had finished it I was proud of my piece.

Alex I liked it when I finished my art work. I also liked it when Catherine showed us some pictures by artists that were very good. Their pictures feel like magic. My favourite picture was the swimming one by an artist called Hockney. Art calms me down.

Betul At the beginning I was very excited and I was very proud of what I did with my art project. It is a really nice thing to me to be invited to do the art project. This is my first time my picture is on my own page on a website. How about I tell you a joke:
Q Why did the banana go to see the doctor?
A Because he wasn't peeling well!

Billy I learnt how to mix colours and how to paint better. I got to write on the computer what we had learnt. I got to do a painting on a big panel.

Farhaana I thought that the Finsbury Five School Jigsaw Project was really fun. At first the theme of movement seemed quite hard because I don't normally draw people moving, but I think that my finished jigsaw piece actually came out quite well. I would love to do it again and I can't wait to see the finished jigsaw. I will put my Artyface certificate in my folder at home with all my special certificates in it: I also have my certificate from last years jigsaw project in there.

Danny At the start of the project we drew a rough copy of our jigsaw on tracing paper. Then we started on our painting on the wooden jigsaw pieces. After I had finished the project I was very happy with my finished work because all our pictures are to do with the Olympic Games and I like sport.

Georgie At the beginning I was amazed that I got in because I thought most of my class's pictures were better than mine. I thought the project was good. I was messing around a bit.

Hasan At the start of the project we drew a picture and then we sent it to Prior Weston and then Maud and Catherine chose the pictures they would like to see painted. Then we went to Prior Weston and we made a jigsaw puzzle. We even had a go on the computer.

Imad My jigsaw picture was about running and I mixed colours to make my paints. I used the three primary colours to make the colours. I drew 3 different poses. 1st is the runner getting ready, 2nd was the runner taking off and the 3rd was the runner celebrating. I had a great time.

Lois I drew a picture of a ballerina because the model was in a ballet position. I am pleased with my final picture and I would recomend you have a go. I will show my web page to my aunt, uncle and cousins in Leeds. I will email the link to the web site and my page. The first thing they will say will probably be 'Ooh hasn't Lois grown!'

Jassiem This picture shows me, Jassiem, and my jigsaw painting of sporty bodies. It shows different people doing sport. I enjoyed it and I hope everybody else who went liked it too.

Katie I had fun painting. I love art because it calms me down and it feels like magic. When I touch the paper with the paint it just feels like I am letting all my feelings go out of me. I also met lots of people today, nearly everybody. I had fun with everyone taking photos, going on the computer and mixing colours.

Letitia I had a wonderful time. I learned a lot about colours and shapes and shading and mixing. First of all we had to draw our design on a piece of paper and trace a jigsaw. I can't even explain it because it was so exciting. I can't wait to be invited to something similar to this project.

Linnea On the first day I came here it wasn't very exciting. Actually it was very tiring because I had to select the pictures that I wanted to put into my jigsaw peice. Then I had to trace them onto tracing paper. When I finished that I had to trace them again on the other side of the paper, to do that I had to take it to the window and hold it up for about 10 minutes with one arm and use my other arm to draw: it really hurt. After that I then had to trace it again pushing really hard on the pencil to get a fairly faint copy on the jigsaw piece. Because that took so long I only had time to start painting one figure, then we had to go. When we came today we were under more pressure to finish. I did a plain background then put red swirls onto it. I had to paint over them but it turned out that I can still see them faintly.

India It was a great experience and I loved it it was very fun and I'd never done something like that before.I had tried to get into the jigsaw project the last time they had done it. I learned how to mix a lot more colours than I knew before.

Rebecca I really enjoyed doing this art project. It was about the Olympics and we did a piece of jigsaw each! And then as if that wasn't hard we had to do a background. I got a bit angry since it wasn't right but in the end it was EXCELLENT! And I loved it.

Reid When I do art it calms me down. Art is fun because you can draw. This is the second time I have been. I found it easier this time. I found easier because I learnt from last time.

Shamsul Catherine, Alice, Maud and Anna helped me. I liked it when my work was finished. My jigsaw piece was good.

Anon I chose to join the art project because I am a big fan of art and i thought that it would be really fun to join.I used mostly opposite colours to make it more colourful and lively.

Charlie I got to see some new people from other schools and got to experiment with different paints. I also got to take part in an art project and I am exited about seeing all the jigsaw pieces together.

Terry In the project we make a jigsaw. Everyone gets a piece to draw and paint on. I liked painting, drawing and mixing the paint. My favourite colour was red and my background was blue. The project was about movement and athletics. I liked my piece of jigsaw. I learned some colours I didn't know. I did enjoy it. I hope to show most of my friends the website, because I thought it was great.
The technology aspect
For the second year running New Finsbury New Deal sponsored a webpage building project that ran alongside the painting project. The pupils worked on a lap top computer to build a web site. We discussed how websites are viewed around the world, from their home computer and at their school and how the internet helps to link families, friends and schools around the world. The pupils were excited by the fact that they could look this project up at home and/or at school, as well as telling family and friends where to find it too.

The young artists used the digital camera to take pictures that you can see on these webpages. They typed their own words directly into this webpage and you can read their words below. They helped to build their individual pages by placing the image on their individual page, making a link from a thumbnail image to their personal information, finally cutting and pasting or typing in text, which they then formatted to the site style.

In their own words...
the pupils typed directly into a web design package to tell us what they had done.
Hasan: 'This is to do with the Olympics, thats why we are drawing pictures with people moving. First I drew some pictures in my class. I drew some of my friends that were moving around in different shapes. After I drew all the pictures I was suppose to draw, the pictures were sent to Prior Weston Primary School.'
Danny: 'At St. Lukes school in YR 6 we drew pictures of body movement, we did this because the Olympic Games are happening this summer in Athens. Then we came to Prior Weston and drew our pictures on jigsaw pieces, also we drew on tracing paper.'
Ryan: 'We drew pictures of moving people.We drew people running and swimming I was so happy I got to do this work.'
Jassiem: 'We were shown some pictures. I liked the one called The Painter to the Moon. I liked how the author showed the dark blue for the sky and how he showed houses far away. The painters name was Chagall.'
Alex: 'Cathrine showed us some pictures and I liked the running one and the backround of the running track and the colour was brownish. It was from the news paper.'
Betul: 'Some people in my work are about the Olympics like running swimming jogging. I have done a design from my drawing on the special paper.'
Farhaana: 'We drew pictures of people moving. We then decided how to organise our pictures on to a jigsaw piece, thinking about space and background. We transferred our pictures from tracing paper to our jigsaw piece. I think this is really fun and I think the finished jigsaw will be really good!'
Imad: 'We had to draw over our jigsaw to make our design clear then we started mixing the colours together and started painting.'
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Billy: 'Maud taught us how to mix colours and I think I could do it. I have never done it before.'
Shamsu: 'Maud helped us mix colours and it helped me think how to get light and dark colours by mixing.'
Abi: 'We drew our pictures in and I liked mixing the paint. I kept on getting angry when something turned out wrong but then I got it sorted out and I was really proud of my drawing.'
Rebecca: 'I really enjoyed doing this art project. It was about the Olympics. We painted a piece of a jigsaw each! And then as if that wasn't hard we had to do a background. I got a bit angry since it wasn't right.But in the end it was EXCELLENT! And I loved it!!!
Anil 'We fitted our pictures onto the jigsaw shape.'
Khaled 'We had to mix colours and understand about warm, cold, dark and light.'
Louisa 'We got our pictures and drew the main bits onto the jigsaw piece.'
Juan 'We tried to fill up the gaps and not leave white space.'
Farhaana 'We learned about different ways of painting such as; dabbing, stroking, and scratching paint.'
Xenia 'Cathrine told us that we didn't need to use black, this is because nothing is truly black.'
Billy 'We had some paint and we mixed it with some other paint.'
Dilan 'We looked at our pictures and added detail to the painting.'
Reid: 'Today we have been doing the background of our jigsaw piece. It is fun to do art.'
Charlie: 'We had to be really careful about filling in the white gaps of our background today. I think the whole project has been excellent and I hope to do it again.'
Terry: 'I liked today and hope that I can do it again and see the website.'
Building the web pages
Letitia: 'We took pictures with a digital camera in the class and we placed peoples names on the side of their pictures. We used a file called Fireworks to download my portrait onto the internet we also made my photo a little bit smaller because it can download faster onto the webpage when you look at it.'
Linnea: 'So I could do my webpage I did mine at my own school. I already had two pictures on my page. Before I did more work on the page I was given a certificate with a picture of Betul and I. I really liked that picture so I decided to add that one to my webpage. Maud went round to all the schools to do pages like mine with all the children.'
Farhaana:'We all wrote something about the project. We each wrote about what we did and if we liked it. Maud took pictures of us while we worked on the jigsaw and of our finished jigsaw pieces. In the end, we'll put all of the webpages together and put them on the Artyface website.'