Moorfield JMI School, Islington
Urban Wildlife through the Seasons
Moorfield pupils from year 3 and 4 wrote their own words to describe their Urban Wildlife Mural Project
proud of their drawings classmates reasearching the urban wildlife theme cutting out some plants
Alice 'First we did drawing. We were only allowed to use black pen. I did lots of plants and birds and some rabbits. We go every Friday. The next Friday we did tracing and lino-cutting. My favourite thing was tracing. And I learnt how to cut lino. My favourite thing to draw is flowers and plants. I really enjoy drawing and tracing. The lino cutting was a bit too hard for me but for tracing onto the lino we used pencil. This week I have got better at lino-cutting.'

Nurdin 'We have been helping Maud, Suzy, Catherine and Leonie. They came in on Fridays and once on a Monday. They came so we can draw and do lino cutting. We go into groups of six people for an hour. We draw animals, plants and fruits that live in England from books.'

Jessica 'At school we've been helping Maud, Suzie, Catherine and Leonie and we like it so much that we want them to do it with us next year in yr 5 and 4. It's FUN FUN FUN.'
using the DT cutting boards for safety cutting out a duck lino cutting a water lily
Manasseh 'During this period of time I have improved with my drawing and my cutting is more accurate than before. These are some animals I have drawn, a canada goose and a mole.'

Dilan 'I drew a rabbit then cut the rabbit out of the piece of paper. I like looking at animals. I like birds because they fly and I would like to fly too.'

Jissela 'My first picture I drew was a owl. I liked it. I drew a fox. The first fox I drew it was kind of bad, my second one was not that good and then my last one was great. Ihad Improved! I was trying hard. My favourite thing I did was drawing. Drawing is relaxing thats why I like to draw.'
lino-cutting a worm working on a dragonfly tracing her newt on to lino
Farsil ' We did some stuff about drawing and some people did great. We drew frogs and I enjoyed it. And we helped Maud and Suzie. Everyone was great. It is good, good, good.'

Callum 'I like lino cutting because I like cutting a lot non-stop.'

Burak 'My favourite was lino cutting. My other favourite was drawing because it was fun. I drew a butterfly from a book and it is good and wicked.'

'I am smart
at art.

Is ace.

I like lino-cutting, it is fun
I made a duck, now it is done.'
carving the frog tracing a duck onto lino tracing on the design for the Spring pond
Mohammed 'My favourite thing was lino-cutting: it was a little hard. I like it. Actually it was the best. The part I found hard was when had to put it under the tracing paper. The dangerous part was you had to dig the tools in and if you put your hand in front you could get cut. The part I liked was when you twist the tool and you make a round shape. I lino-cut the frog.'

Heven 'In the beginning Leonie and Maud came and we sat down. We told them what our favourite things to do are. My favourite was drawing. My best drawing is a flower called a daisy. I learned how to use books to research for pictures. After that we cut them out. The next time we traced over our drawing. We did lino-cutting. I found it hard.'
cutting the rabbit lino cutting was the hardest but most enjoyable activity thinking of the right words to describe his experience
Lucy 'One Friday we were working and two people came in and chose some of us. I was one of the first to draw. I drew lots of different animals and birds. My best drawing was a black and white rabbit. On the 4th July I cut a newt out of lino. I did some tracing for the final mural.'

Angelo'On Friday Miss Linder chose me to go with Maud and Suzie. I felt good and excited working hard on drawing, tracing and lino-cutting. Lino-cutting best of all of them because it was fun. I like to draw birds and every other animal in the universe except spiders. The whole class is so so so good at drawing.'
writing on the laptop outdoors on a hot day writing about the project and his experiences during the workshops pupil writing up her notes on the laptop with guidance from Suzy
Jewel 'When I started I wasn't very good at it. When I got better at art I started off with bugs and then ducks and dogs but the hardest animal was birds. The best animal I drew was a falcon and then I did the lino test. And now I'm on the laptop.'

Harrison ' My favourite animals were my two moles, frog and my fly. I liked Artyface because I like drawing, tracing, cutting and lino-cutting. I reckon the mural is going to look good.'