Old Palace Primary School, Tower Hamlets
Four Seasons Ceramic Murals
Part 1 - Spring Mural
Part 2 - Summer Mural
Part 3 - Autumn Mural
The pupils from Year 6 wrote about their experience helping Artyface to make the Spring and Summer murals.

'I helped Maud do the drawing and painting which I enjoyed very much. I think the mural looks fantastic; it brightens up the playground which is good. I drew a bird and showed my dad and he said it was good which made me feel proud. I learned how to make a mural and how it progressed which is useful. I wished I could have helped with painting the wall because I love art. In twenty years time the mural will still be here. It will only go when the school gets knocked down and if it gets broken the pieces will last forever. I also helped Maud to do the lino cuts after we drew the pictures. I also learnt how to hold the paintbrush and how much colour to put on it. This mural has inspired me in the future I might study art.' Leyla
measuring up the wall before we start designing pupils drew in the school garden they drew from observation of natural objects brought in to school
'Working with Maud has been a great pleasure. My favourite part of working with our resident artist was when we sat and drew the lovely world and creatures outside.' Iqbal Morshed
they researched the seasons and drew from books a frog catching an insect tracing a bird and its nest full of eggs
'I enjoyed drawing the animals and colouring them. I worked on a rabbit and flowers. I helped design it on the tracing paper and I helped Maud cut out the pictures, put them in piles and I also helped carve the lino. I never got bored doing it. I think the mural looks fantastic. It will inspire children in art so they will enjoy more of it.' Fayema
lino cutting a dragonflye lino cutting a frog carefully transferring their pictures onto the lino
'I really enjoyed working with Maud. The best bit was drawing them and making sure we added all the main parts and at the end they looked just like the real picture. Now that the mural is up it looks just great, even though we had to put in a lot of effort it was really worth it.' Nahima Islam
pupils measured out the design pupils helped to decide where the animals and plants were to go we checked the proportions of the design in situ
'I enjoyed drawing the hummingbird and cutting the lino. My drawing was on the summer mural and I showed it to my mum and my sister, they said it looked good. They liked how I drew the birdís nest with the eggs inside it. I worked on cutting the lino. I had to be careful with the tools. I helped Maud paint the flowers, yellow and green. I think the murals make the school look neat because before the mural was put up there was plain brown bricks, that made it boring.' Alfana Begum

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making the mural in clay the pupils helped to paint the wall they worked hard and many hands made light work
'What I enjoyed was drawing the picture and colouring it in. I worked on drawing a kingfisher which was really fun. I had a great experience working on art. I learnt a lot about art, how to draw and colour in pictures.' Tabsir
girls waving as the team of volunteers paint the wall around the murals bird on its nest in Spring line of ants marching from their nest towards the tree
'I thought that when I was cutting the lino it was like scooping ice-cream.' Daniel
butterflies and flowers in the Summer panele strawberries in Summer being munched on by a beetle and wasps a wader in the pond
'I enjoyed cutting the lino and we had to be careful not to cut ourselves. I showed my drawing to my mum; she said it was nice and she liked the colours. I worked on a hummingbird. At first it was hard to draw but then it got easier and easier. What I enjoyed was when I drew the hummingbird and step-by-step it was on the wall.' Shamina Akthar
wasps nest underground bird eating a caterpillar each arch has the season, four months and words chosen by the pupils in the border
'I drew a butterfly. I also enjoyed doing the lino cut because I had never done it before. I helped Maud design the mural and the project was a great experience.' Samantha Judd