Prior Weston Primary School, Islington
Memorial Giraffe Mosaic for Kenny
The pupils at Prior Weston Primary School decided they would like lower school to help Catherine and Maud make a large mosaic giraffe to celebrate the sadly short but very happy life of Kenny, a former and much missed pupil at the school. Pupils worked in pairs on the giraffe with the artists at least once. They signed themselves in, practicing their handwriting, as you can see on the right:
children from lower school drew various giraffes and we collaged the best bits togethere pupils finished drawing the giraffes patterned skin Maymana was one of the first pupils who started making the giraffe's spots with selected mosiac pieces
glueing ceramic mosaic tesserae before attaching them to the design glueing their work onto the giraffe proud pupils showing us the mosaic spots that they made
the giraffe gets bigger Catherine and Maud worked closely with about 90 pupils from lower school pupils had to concentrate to make sure there were the right sized gaps between the tiles
one pupil glued while another one stuck careful gluing and placement was a challenge! friends at lunchtime helping Maud to build this webpage
the collage guided the pupils as to where to put their mosaic pieces nearly finished Kenny's family and Mary, the Headteacher, and all the pupils from lower school celebrate the unveiling of the memorial mosaic
Kenny would have enjoyed the giraffe in the school playground Kenny's mum cuts the ribbon and his brother enjoys the giraffe's friendly face here's another cheeky face for the playground
The giraffe stands as a proud reminder of smiling Kenny who loved his animals and was excited by everything.

Can you spot Kenny's name hidden in the grass at the giraffe's feet?