Robin Hood Gardens, Poplar
Giant Sundial
The sundial had been designed by David Bratby, artist and project organiser from SPLASH Arts in collaboration with John, an expert in sundials. It was John's idea to create a nomon dial in the shape of a bow and arrow to be relevant to the Robin Hood Estate (Robin Hood and his bow and arrow). Maud Milton from Artyface thought it would be good to get local children from Woolmore Primary School to draw images of 'time flies' to then paint on to the bow.
Two years on Maud re-visits the sundial and it is still telling the time. You read the time by standing on the correct month and seeing which number your shadow falls on to on the bow.
Maud in the studio laying out the glazed bow and arrow sundial enamelled bird on to the bow sun and ladybird with numbers
ladybird and sun on the ceramic bow flying fish with clock Sun God Rah in enamels on glaze
the months on the shaft of the arrow close up of the string in green and the base of the arrow shaft pigs fly!
carved numbers on the bow tell the time seagull flying drawing of seagull by pupil