Winston Way Primary School, Ilford IG1
We were invited in to make colourful mosaics with the whole school for the children's playground up. The theme was to be animals and minibeasts.

"I just want to say the mosaics look fab! Thank you! It has been fun Maud, everyone has enjoyed it and I've had some lovely feedback from the teachers. Hopefully we'll work together again!"
Leila Demirelli
Art Co-Ordinator and Class Teacher
The youngest pupils made lots of clay tiles with the team and enjoyed their clay experience.

"I pushed the things into the soft stuff and it's going to make a big picture outside."
Zahra Mallam
Morning Nursery

"What a fantastic project! The artists were great with the nursery children - showing them what to do and then letting them explore and have a go themselves."
Caitlin Morgan
Nursery Teacher

Artyface artists then came into the classes and ran drawing workshops to feed the design process.

"It was a great opportunity for the children to have their attention drawn in by looking at something so critically. They can't wait to see how their drawings will be amalgamated into the design and put on display for everyone to see!"
Beccy Werrin
Year 5 Teacher
"The children love the idea that they will be part of a whole school project, and are very enthusiastically looking forward to Artyface's next visit."
Munira Ismail
Year 3 Teacher
"You were quite inspiring."
Hasan Kashif
We consulted with the council's architects and they advised us to distribute the weight of the tiles across a largest possible space as the render couldn't take a great weight. This changed our designs as we had to adjust to this technical challenge. All the mosaics needed to be attached to WediBoard and then put up spread out to keep the render safe. We spent two weeks in the school with pupils and teachers, staff and parents helping mosaic the new designs.
"It was good fun doing art with you!"
Fatima Azmir
"It is going to be good fun putting the tiles on the drawings!"
Syam Atif
The mosaics went up over the Easter Holidays and the pupils came back to find their hard work displayed for them to enjoy for years to come!