Woolmore Primary School, Bow
Underwater Seascape painted mural
'A decayed old shed in a Bow playground has been transformed into a magical underwater seascape in secret agent style that took the school by suprise. The space has swiftly become an island of tranquility for the kids from the rough and tumble of the rest of the playground.' East London Advertiser, Thursday 20th September 2001
We decided to create an underwater oasis in a grotty corner of the playground to fit in with the pirate theme of the playground. It could serve as an outdoor classroom as well as stimulating play and would make the children proud of their talents. Maud Milton ran an after school club where children drew and designed and helped Clive Fodden to cut their shapes out of wood. Maud spent a week before the holidays in the school and the children helped her to paint their wooden shapes. These were then finished off by Maud and Lizzie Segal over the summer holidays.
'Woolmore School pupils in Poplar were in for a treat on their first day back after the summer holidays. Their old shed in the playground had been transformed into a magical underwater seascape, complete with foaming waves, palm trees and a tropical sun. Headtecher Tracey Argent suprised pupils and staff by secretly commissioning Artyface, a community art company based in Tower Hamlets, to give the playground a facelift.' East End Life, September 2001
before the artyface facelift drawing sea snail cutting out diver
pupil working with Maud on the diver he designed painting sunken treasures seaweed
Gary's diver Maud and Julie under the palm tree