Finsbury Schools Group Jigsaw Projects
A great way to link schools and groups together:
both through the act of meeting up and working together as well as linking the final pieces together for exhibiting. Any subject can be worked into a project. The painted jigsaws can be put up outdoors or indoors and the colourful, energetic mural they create can be rearranged to vary the order.
Finsbury Five Jigsaw Project 2003

Finsbury Four Jigsaw Project 2004
The process in photos
pupils asked questions as we discussed the project and demonstrated colour mixing and colour theory they drew around the jigsaw piece and then arranged their drawings under their design paper to trace pupils really concentrated on getting their drawings looking good
some pupils traced against the window because it was easier to see they then traced their design onto their primed wooden jigsaw piece Catherine helping solve design questions
the design needed to be sympathetic to the unusual jigsaw shape it was to go on to pupils enjoyed sharing their colour mixing knowledge some pupils chose to use the dynamic effects of opposite colours
some pupils started painting their figures first others started on their background
choosing the right paintbrush for the job was important a young artist lost in concentration! scratching through the wet paint also gave attractive marks
Alice helping to mix a background colour it was fun as well as hard work the young artists looked at art books to see different styles and discuss what they like
they wore old shirts and aprons to keep their clothes clean careful brush work was essential finer details came after backgrounds had been blocked in
it was important to keep a sense of movement in their painted work details to the background were added later colours close in the colour wheel (harmonious colours) were chosen by some
writing about the project for their web page pupils built their individual webpage with Maud each pupil received Artyface an certificate of achievement