Artyface projects create interest. We have had extensive coverage in the press. The combination of local community, childrens creativity and photo/filming opportunities are an ideal combination, and a great way of raising your profile. We include publicity as part of our package. Celebrating the completion of an Artyface collaboration ensures ownership of the project by the community.
Artyface featured in the Independent Education section, 1st July 2010.

Shape the future: How mosaics are firing up pupils
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The Archer, East Finchley, November 2011.
East London Advertiser, 18th August 2011.
Camden New Journal, 21st July 2011.

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Photo courtesy of East End Life.
in the printed press:
See below for a selection of articles about Artyface projects in local and regional papers.
Our Natural World Mosaic at Bonner Primary School
Youngsters, their parents and teachers have been putting their artistic skills to the test with the creation of a colourful mosaic for an East End primary school. More than 250 pupils at Bonner Primary in Bethnal Green designed the three large murals last year with the help of artists from the group Artyface which will be displayed in the school playground. And this week parents and teachers have been helping to bring it to life in a host of different workshops.

The three murals represent Autumn, Spring and Summer scenes and feature a range of animals and plants. And the youngsters have also been busy creating glass tiles and smaller murals to be displayed in different areas of the playground.

The school received a National Lottery grant through the project Awards for All to help create the mosaic. Arts co-ordinator Lindy Batchelor said: "It has brought everybody together in a wonderful creative way. We can't wait to see the finished project greeting us every day as we walk through the school gates." East London Advertiser March 18 2010
Music Mural at Bangabandhu
Pupils from Bangabandhu Primary School in Bethnal Green have been busy making a beat in their music lessons and also with mosaic tiles.
Through their drawings of instruments and rhythms played on a drum by a talented member of staff, they have created a mosaic and ceramic mural. The nine-metre long mural depicts the beauty of patterns and shapes in music. The Bethnal Green pupils worked at lunch-time and after-school workshops with Maud Milton, Catherine Clark and local volunteer Sunny. The work was funded by Awards for All Lottery together with some school money. East End Life September 15 - 21 2008
The Bow Boys with their finished mural
A mural on Bow estate shows just what pupils can achieve
The mosaic was designed and developed by the Bow Boys of the Malmesbury Estate - and contains an important message about caring for the planet. Youth worker Sylvarius Thomas said the project was developed to give a positive image of the young men against the negative criticisms of youth behaviour.

They worked with groups including Age Concern, Tower Hamlets Arts Education Project, Youth Service and arts organisation Artyface. 'The mural will enable residents to focus and celebrate on the positive aspects of local young people's achievements.' he said. East End Life 30 Jul - 5 Aug 2007
Children pay an artistic tribute to popular Sally
A colourful mural made by East End schoolkids will help their classmates learn to read and honour the memory of a well-loved teaching assistant.

Children at Bangabandu Primary School in Bethnal Green have spent a year working on the clay mural and ceramic tiles, with help from community art group Artyface. The projects were completed last week. Artyface, who run schemes with children across Tower Hamlets, did a series of workshops with Year 3, 5 and 6 pupils at Bangabandu. Artists Maud Milton and Catherine Clarke helped the children come up with words and designs, and then showed them how to transfer them onto clay. The mural and tiles provide the final touches for the school's new buildings, which include more classrooms, a therapy room and a new staff room. The 12 ceramic tiles, which were partly funded by a National Lottery grant, show alphabet letters and stories about animals to help children learn to read. They have been put up in the school's library courtyard.

The clay mural, which is in the school garden, is of an underwater scene. The theme was chosen in memory of the popular teaching assistant, Sally Fuller, who died in August 2003 after working at the school for 8 years. Sally had a passion for dolphins, and sponsored one through a charity. Bangabandu Head Teacher Cathy Philips said Sally was a 'much loved and very caring' member of staff. East London Advertiser 30 March 2006
Pupils show flair on stairs
Old Palace Primary School pupils have livened up their buildings by applying their artistic talents to an enormous piece of Perspex stretching along the top of their staircase. The Poplar pupils worked with local artist Maud Milton from Artyface drawing colourful British animals and plants during their playtimes and breaks. Maud had organised the pupils' drawings into a calendar sequence with a poem that teaches children the number of days in each month. Maud made a collage of all the pupils' images into a landscape scene on a computer programme, with help from local designer John Wallet from IDZ. The Perspex barrier was put up for safety reasons and the colourful mural now stretches 20 metres along the top of the stairs making every trip up and down a learning experience. Children can now learn mini-beast sums, facts about plants and animals, and the number of days in each month. East End Life 8 - 14 March 2004 page 4
Mural Marvels
Old Palace Primary pupils have been working hard with artist Maud Milton to make murals portraying the four seasons for their playground. The ceramic murals for spring and summer have taken 18 months to make, with Maud working with the pupils for one day a week and sponsorship provided by the National Lottery and other local trusts. Work on the murals has also helped pupils with literacy, science and art. The school is currently raising more money to complete the autumn and winter panels. Fahima from year 6 said: 'I loved working with Maud. I enjoyed drawing and discussing the drawing with the class. Our playground looked dull before, but it is better.' Fayema enjoyed drawing and colouring a hummingbird, rabbit and flowers. Another pupil, Iqbal, said: 'My favourite part of working with our resident artist was when we sat and drew the lovely world and creatures' East End Life page 4 28th July - 3 August 2003
Fun day with music and dancing for pupils and staff of Bromley Hall School
Everyone thought Bromley Hall School had closed its doors for good last week but now there are plans to open them again - in Africa. Meanwhile, back in Tower Hamlets, pupils from Bromley Hall made the best of the day with dancing and music to send them off. Maud Milton, fundraiser and organiser, said: 'the most important thing was to give the students a choice because they don't have a lot of choice with a lot of things.' East London Advertiser Thursday July 25th 2002
Further press quotes...
Projects showcased included a design for a 30 by 6 foot mural planned for the fuel - oil stained wall outside Prior Weston Primary School, Whitecross Street, which was unveiled by local art project, Artyface. The mural, designed to brighten up the area and inspire residents, will be made of monochrome ceramic, and will feature areas of local interest and architecture, as designed by children from Prior Weston Primary School and Maud Milton, an East-end artist with over nine years experience. New Finsbury New Deal newsletter Autumn 2002
The East London Advertiser talks about the Artyface "Robin Hood" project at Woolmore School.
The Millenium Green at Robin Hood Gardens estate in Poplar was opened officially last week. The mayor, Cllr Lorraine Melvin, processed up the hill with an escort of the St Matthias Majorettes and unveiled a sundial in the shape of a bow and arrow. East End Life 25th June 2001
Water'Mazing Transformation! A decayed old shed in a Bow playground has been transformed into a magical seascape in secret agent style that took the school by suprise. The all-new Woolmore Primary School comes complete with foaming waves, palm trees and a tropical sun - and it all appeared out of the blue. Most of the design work was done outside school hours by pupils who attended an after-school art club run by Maud Milton from a community art company called Artyface. The space has swiftly become an island of tranquility for the kids from the rough and tumble of the rest of the playground. East London Advertiser, Thursday 20th September 2001
Woolmore School pupils were in for a treat on their first day back after the summer holidays. Headteacher Tracey Argent suprised pupils and staff by secretly commissioning artyface, a community art company based in Tower Hamlets, to give the playground a facelift. East End Life, September 2001
School children have seen their drawings turned into a ceramic mural in their playground. 'The children love it and so do the parents,' said Headteacher Graham Bullivant. 'We wanted to put something up over a large blank space on the playground wall to brighten it up...the mural is also surrounded by 150 leaf prints done by the children so almost every child can see their work on it,' said Mr Bullivant. 'It really benefits the school and we hope it will stay there for the enjoyment of future generations.' The Citizen (Gloucestershire), Saturday May 1, 1999
Young children have had their art unveiled at the official opening of a park... The children created the work with the help of ceramic artist Maud Milton. 'It's great for the children to have had the opportunity to take part in this kind of community project and see their work faithfully reproduced by the artist' said head teacher Stewart Davies. The ceramic (storyboard seating) tells four local legends... Budding artist Samantha Beynon, 10, said: 'studying our area has made us proud to be part of Caerphilly.' Lorna Duggan, 10, added: 'We wanted to put local legends in because they are very interesting and we wanted to let everybody know about them.' Front page, South Wales Echoe, 29th June 1996