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We are to be honoured with the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea and some of the staff of the Natural History Museum coming to make mosaics with us between February 22nd and March 5th.

Grandparents, parents and neighbours, if you would like to learn about mosaics and to come and join them, you are very welcome! Come with a friend. We will make it fun and easy for you! No previous experience needed or artistic talent. We need your help and you may discover a new appreciation for mosaics, or even a new skill/hobby! Please call Maud 07958 911315 or email her at maud@artyface.co.uk or call the school to book yourself in.
We have developed strong links with the Natural History Museum who will exhibit photos and pictures of the project at the Museum. The first day of making was a staff INSET training day and all teachers and teaching assistants rolled their sleeves up and got involved in their mosaic. Over the following fortnight we worked with around 140 pupils, as well as having siblings from other schools, lots of mums and dads, a friar, grandparents, aunts, neighbours and even Cllr. Mrs. Frances Taylor (Chairman of the Public Realm Scrutiny Committee and Chairman of Twinning, and also grandmother of three OLOV pupils!). Thank you to all who have helped turn the children's drawings into beautiful mosaics.
"At Our Lady of Victories we were seeking a partnership with artists for a whole school project to brighten up our outdoor playground environment - and Maud and her team at Artyface were a godsend! With endless patience and good humour, the artists and volunteers work tirelessly and their infectious enthusiasm for the work which they are doing is contagious. During the period when the work has been going on in school there has been a stream of eager children and adults wanting to participate.

Maud herself is a jewel among artisans, inspired and inspiring, driven to share her skills and enthusiasm with as many people as possible, generously modelling her craft with others. She is super-organised and has shouldered the major part of the work in bidding for funds, resourcing and supplying the materials. Without her the project would not have been anywhere near as successful - she really does make dreams come to fruition!"

Geraldine Morrison, Deputy Headteacher
"We did some drawings in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden. I drew different kinds of leaves, they had different patterns. It was very exciting going out on a school trip because we got to see new things and we had lots of time to draw. I thought I would do very badly but then I saw everybody's drawings and thought we all did very well. The artists chose the drawings and made a design. We used different kinds of tiles: golden, concrete, recycled tiles, all different colourful tiles and much more than that to make the mosaic."
Jenny, Natalie & Lucy, Age 9 Year 4
"I felt excited when I started sticking my peacock feathers but I got the hang of it after a while and really enjoyed it."
Angela, Age 8 year 4
"Participating in this project has been such a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. It has taught me so much like how to place small tiles into the right places and I've learnt about lots of different types of tiles. This project was a great idea because it has put lots of memories into my head for when I leave this school."
Emily, Age 10, year 6
"It felt very exciting when I was drawing. I go to the museum regularly and I love the patterns on the ceilings and pillars."
Melanie, Age 9 Year 5
"When I went to the Natural History Museum I was confounded by the detailed tiles on the roof as I had never noticed them before."
Sophie, Age 10 Year 5
"The Natural History Museum is very interesting. I think the patterns are very nice and there were lots of colourful and interesting stones and things from olden times."
Ewura-ama, Age 9 Year 5
"I enjoyed drawing in the Natural History Museum. It was such a big museum, I was speechless. The ceiling was towering above me and it was very interesting! Thank you!"
Chelsea, Age 9 Year 5
"I really liked doing the mural it was very fun; I like putting the tiles down and seeing what it is actually going to look like. Drawing the pictures was amazing as well. We got to see loads of weird plants at both the Physic Garden and the Wildlife Garden. My drawing of the bug with a lot of wings was chosen."
Isobel, Age 9 Year4
"I loved drawing and it felt amazing by joining and knowing what they will do with my drawings."
Daniella, Age 9 Year 5
"In the museum it's amazing in lots of ways, like the wall that was filled with artistic designs like patterns of animals. It was enjoyable in many ways. It was so fun to be working with other people"
Matteo M, Year 5
Inspiration was drawn from the motifs and designs we saw in the Natural History Museum:
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