our history
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  • Artyface is based in Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London, and makes legacy public art all over London and further afield, as far as Cardiff and beyond. It was started by Maud Milton in 1999. Maud has a ceramics degree from Cardiff University and has many years experience teaching art to everyone - from toddlers to pensioners. Artyface works with schools, councils, businesses and the community to make murals, specialising in mosaics and ceramic murals with local pupils/staff/school communities for public spaces or playgrounds.

    Catherine Clark, a Graphic Designer and then a teacher for 20 years, joined Maud in 2001 and has worked on most projects since then. A selection of other talented and professional artists bring their skills to different projects in clay, mosaic or painted wood. We work with over 4,000 people a year making a real difference to the street-scapes and playgrounds of our communities.
    Above - Maud at Our Lady of Muswell's 50th Anniversary Mural

    Left - Catherine works with a pupil from Alexandra School, Sydenham

    Right - Maud, Catherine and Clem in front of mural at Friars Primary School, Waterloo
    Maud and an example of the Artyface team, which varies from project to project but usually includes Catherine (3rd from right) and Clem (2nd from right).