Artyface Open Studio - Review
Maud Milton, lead artist at "Artyface: the Smart Face of Public Art", opened their studio at Trinity Buoy Wharf during Open House Weekend.
Artyface make huge intricate and bespoke beautiful murals for schools, councils and private clients all over the UK, finishing several in London and Cardiff recently, even beginning one in Paris soon.

Here Maud is working with two young participants in the open studio mosaic project.
They offered everyone a lesson in the ancient art of mosaic and the chance to make part of a Walthamstow Heritage Mural. Parents, children, artists, passing-Ramblers and Architect Boffins helped on the mosaic border based on William Morris' designs. It is for for Winns Primary School in Walthamstow. All pupils from Winns have been on trips with artist Alice Mara to draw the amazing historic buildings such as the Dog Track, The William Morris Gallery, the Old Cinema currently in the midst of dramatic public campaign to be saved (, their school and homes and many other great places of interest. They have made ceramic tiles of the buildings, which will then be mosaiced around.
It was a very successful weekend with over 100 people taking part, and many people have requested Maud and the team run a ceramic and mosaic workshop at a weekend in the studio later this Autumn. Discounts are available if two of you book together! Bespoke courses, tailored to you to make something special for yourself over two days, including materials, tuition and refreshments. For more information contact Artyface or call 07958911315 and speak directly to Maud.
If you or a school you know are interested in a one of the 6 Artyface Artists working with you, we can offer lots of great artistic services: we can bring in a potters wheel for people to throw a pot, to long-term mural projects, including parents, teachers, INSET training, the wider community as well as pupils being involved in all the processes. Contact us for more details!